Welcome to Miss Global Princess

We are an international pageant that believes in true beauty

Welcome to our esteemed international pageant, dedicated to celebrating the true essence of beauty and empowering young women to reach their full potential. Our vision is to create a platform that provides unlimited opportunities for the girl child to become change makers of the future. We are committed to being the pageant of choice for girls, young women, and women who seek to improve their inner selves, inspire, evolve, and empower through proactive contributions to youth, the girl child, and the community.

Our mission is to inspire and mentor young women to become confident leaders who bring honour to the crown and make a positive impact on their communities. We strive to achieve this by offering a range of programs and initiatives that promote personal growth, self-confidence, and a sense of purpose. We aim to cultivate each participant into a leader of tomorrow, who inspires change and serves as a beacon of hope in their respective environments.

Our core values of empowerment, integrity, respect, fairness, transparency, and professionalism are at the heart of everything we do. We believe in creating a warm and caring environment where every participant is encouraged to express themselves freely and their voices are heard. Our pageant is more than just a competition; it is a life-changing experience that offers personal growth, self-discovery, and opportunities to create a lasting legacy.

As a potential country director, you have the opportunity to join us and be part of a global community of empowered women who celebrate their unique beauty, make a difference in their communities, and inspire others to do the same. Our pageant franchise offers you a chance to contribute to society, inspire change, and create a lasting legacy. By partnering with us, you will gain access to a world-class network, cutting-edge resources, and unparalleled support to help you realize your dreams and goals.

Join us today and experience the joy of empowering young women, promoting personal growth, and making a positive impact on your community. Together, we can create a world where true beauty shines from within, and young women have unlimited opportunities to become leaders of tomorrow.


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Ages Entries From

2 to 27


Our Finalists are tasked with the Fundraising for Charity beneficiary and Inspirational Women Foundation

As Miss Global Princess Pageants, we have partnered with Inspirational Foundation (IWF) with regards to our Charity Sponsorship Drives.

Inspirational Women Foundation has several projects that resonates with Miss Global Princess Pageants which made this partnership possible.

We chose these specific projects because they have a permanent approach to alleviating poverty cycle and breaking education barriers by providing well needed resources and empowerment opportunities.

These projects empower communities and create a legacy for generations to come. We intend to use the Pageant Charity Sponsorship / Pageant Education Fund to contribute towards the IWF Projects